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Advanced Laser Cutting Machine
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Welcome to LaserFrames

We can offer you a full package of products to help you achieve a completed project in less time and to a better standard.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting can be from our stock of standard components or adaptations of these components to suit your particular design requirement. Alternatively we can produce cut and folded items from your drawings.

Your items can be cut from our library of items, your CAD drawings or your drawings and sketches that we will turn into CAD drawings, the choice is yours - if you can draw it we can cut it.

As time has moved on metrication has overtaken imperial dimensions and material thicknesses and laser cutting is in metric dimensions, we can easily convert imperial drawings into metric drawings, but unfortunately metric sheet thickness are now the norm.

Cutting can be from material such as Mild steel HR4 or CR3 dependant on thickness, Stainless steel, Brass, Aluminium and even Wood all in thickness of 1 to 12mm.

When cutting all materials there is a small amount of distortion as the plates are cut the amount depends upon the lengths and thickness of the work being done. In most cases this distortion is so negligible that it is not noticeable, however in order to minimise any problems things such as Locomotive frames will be cut as a handed pair. All large holes will be cut, for general usage these holes are to a tight tolerance (-+. 001") it the holes are to be reamed out we can cut under size as required say -0.010" - just as you require.

Small holes are normally etched marked on to one side of any pair of frames and onto other cut components. The etched line is just like a scribed line that is easily centre popped for drilling.

Some item are cut for mortise and tennon type jointing together, making final fitting of components easier. Our Laser cutting machine has a bed size of 3000 x 1500 (10' x 5') and is 2kW in power so all sizes of work can be accommodated. Folding is carried out on our 3000mm x 100 tonne press brake, it is fully tooled and is fully CNC controlled. All our machines are just over 3 years old and are maintained and calibrated in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.